learn to integrate three therapeutic practices for a more grounded daily life.

the kitchen

Julia Child was bang on when she said, “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” After decades of industrialized, cheap and unflavourful bread, we are finally coming back around to taste and embracing the art of sourdough.

 If you have ever bitten into a slice of true sourdough bread, you know it can’t be beat. A freshly baked loaf of sourdough is a beautiful thing, its crust holding a story of symbiotic relationship of yeast and bacteria that has been taking place for centuries. Baking fermented bread is simply part of a way of living, a view of how to live well, to nourish and be nourished with simple beauty that can be shared with others. 

My desire is to give people the tools and the confidence to make wonderful bread in their own kitchens no matter how minimal or expansive those kitchens may be. Join me in the kitchen!

the arena

Horses have an almost mystical ability to connect, communicate and cooperate with humans. Their strength and honesty in those connections can ground, heal, and teach; helping us to better navigate our own lives and interpersonal relationships.

Equine learning in the round pen  really cannot be over-rated and must be experienced.

Step into the arena and discover the message behind your emotions.  Learn about the power of our hearts and the connection we share with those around us.  

the mat

You are welcomed seated from the mat with a simple, active meditation. We end standing in the arena with the horses, bread baking in the kitchen, & the same simple familiar meditation. This is Soul Health yoga. A fluid braid of talents, strengths & character; movements, thoughts & emotions; calmness, postures & laughter; alone on your mat, all one in a group & an integration of awareness & choices as you move from the ground up.

What to expect?

Arrive on Thursday at 11:00 a.m.  Get settled into the ranch and into your room for your two night stay.  At noon we will go through the outline for the two days we will spend together.  Yoga, fabulous food and Sour Dough instruction and some insightful time with our herd of horses will be engaging and mind expanding.

Upcoming Workshops

Custom dates available, contact us for more information.